CVH Roller Rocker

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After years of working on the design, finding manufactures and building a brand I’ve finally achieved my dream of making my own roller rockers for my race engine.

I started looking for some roller rockers suitable for the CVH engine a few years ago after buying a Fiesta XR2i as a track toy. The 1.6 8 valve CVH engine is a good little unit, easy to work on and spares are generally readily available. After much searching I was unable to find a current supplier of roller rockers, so I decided I would design my own. I did research into their requirements and measured up some standard arms to get the main dimensions.

When I had my first draft finished I did a 3D print of the parts to see how they lined up, which was pretty close, so with a few small tweeks the second prints were spot on.

Testing tool Fitment

One of the main criteria of my design was that they needed to fit the standard head and use the standard fixings. This meant ensuring that a normal 13mm socket could be used to tighten the retaining bolts up.

I tried a crowd funding campaign with the final design to generate interest and help determine how many sets may be required, but unfortunately the campaign was unsuccessful, which was a shame.

Undetermined I continued to persevere with my project and kept looking for manufactures and ways to make the arms better and more affordable. After months of searching I was pleased to find a machine shop that understood my requirements and were happy to work with me, at this point I decided to take the plunge and order a batch of arms.

When the parts all came back from the machine shop, to say I was excited would be an understatement. I assembled the first set which are the set running on my engine and was over the moon with the fitment and operation of them. I feel proud to have taken these from an idea to a finished working product.


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