Direct to Head Individual Throttle Bodies

Individual Throttle Bodies increase engine performance by allowing your engine to breathe easier and produce more power as well as sounding awesome. At Gradient Engineering ltd we strive to produce the best throttle Body setups available for any given engine. Our experience with motorsport engines and the techniques we have developed goes into producing all of our throttle body range.

We offer a range of Billet Direct to Head Throttle Bodies which have been developed for the Motorsport and Modified Car markets by releasing the maximum protentional from your engine.

Our range of Direct to Head Individual Throttle Bodies have a range of key features;

  • Billet Aluminium Throttle Bodies.
  • Direct to head fitment.
  • Spaced to match the cylinder inlets
  • Detachable mounting flange
  • Integrated Injector mounting.
  • Adjustable throttle stops and linkage.

Customizable options allow each set to be tailored to meet the requirements of each application these include;

  • Selection of Throttle Size.
  • Take-offs for vacuum pipework.
  • Selection of trumpet lengths.
  • Range of Colours

To see our range of Direct to Head throttle bodies have a look at our online store.

The benefits of fitting Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB’s)

Faster Engine Response and the feeling of more control when you push the accelerator pedal as the engine reacts much quicker to your inputs, this is due to the throttle being much closer to the engine, therefore requiring less air to flow between the valve and the cylinder.

More Power from better fuel mixing. By mounting the injector closer to the throttle plate and further away from the inlet valve helps the fuel and air mix better before entering the combustion chamber. There is a trade-off with low-end torque and emissions which is why these systems are best suited to high-performance track-orientated engines.

Direct to head throttle bodies offer advantages over the more traditional DCOE replacement type throttle bodies. These include providing the most direct path for the air to travel to the cylinder with no unnecessary direction changes within the flow path. The inlet length can be reduced for installations. The noticeable benefits are that they produce more power and have a quicker throttle response.

Which Bodies are best for my Engine?

When choosing your individual throttle bodies a few factors need to be taken into consideration.

Driving Style, the way you drive the car and its main use will help to decide which characteristics will best suit your need.  Some setups will feel better for on-road and others on track.

Engine use,  the torque curve of the engine can be manipulated with throttle selection. Some arrangements will give better low down torque and drivability, other setups will give more high-end power.

The two main elements of Individual Throttle Body selection is bore size and length. Big bore and short length inlets perform best at high rpm, where a smaller bore and long runners give better low down drivability. A detailed explanation of these fractures can be found here. However, the table shows a good starting point for choosing a suitable throttle size. The runner length can then be adjusted by using different length trumpets to fine-tune the system to your requirements.

Engine SizeIndividual Throttle Size
1.642 mm
1.845 mm
2.048 mm

All of our throttle body kits can be supplied in a range of throttle sizes, we can also provide custom sizes if your engine would benefit from a non-standard size.

Why Direct to Head Individual Throttle Bodies is better than Carb replacement bodies.

Designed for the engine, using a direct to head setup ensures that the bodies have been designed and tailored to that engine ensuring that the throttle plate, injector and runner profile all work in unison to produce the best possible inlet system for that engine.

Compact Design, by having an engine specific setup it often means that they require less space in the engine bay and, therefore, will fit in easier than some carb replacement options. The shorter body design allows for more freedom with the trumpet lengths.

Faster throttle response, because the throttle plate can be closer to the cylinder head the engine will respond faster to your input and give a greater feeling of control.

Port matching, the head flange can be removed from the throttle set to allow it to be perfectly port matched and blended into a modified head ensuring no unnecessary disruptions in the airflow.

If your application is not listed please contact us and we will be happy to help develop a kit that suits your needs within a timely manner. We are always looking to expand our range and offer reductions to those who are prepared to help us develop new kits, if you would like to become a developer and help us with a new kit, then check out our Developer Scheme Page or email

Full bespoke solutions are also available for rare or special project engines to extract their maximum potential, for more details check out our Custom Inlets Page

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