Custom Inlet Systems

We can create custom inlet systems for a range of different engine types and applications.

If none of our existing engine inlet kits are suitable for your application then we can design and produce a customised inlet that will perfectly meet your needs.

Having a properly designed inlet needn’t cost the earth either, we can use our existing range of bodies and associated parts to develop a kit that is right for your engine, or if you require a radical inlet designing we can start from a blank piece of paper and develop a totally unique design.

We can offer inlets with per-port throttles or single throttle body utilising an airbox/plenum chamber setup all suitable for either normally aspirated or forced induction applications.

We also run a developers scheme if you think you have a system that would be of interest to others and would like to assist us in developing a suitable kit then we offer and range of benefits, check out our Inlet Developer Scheme page for more details

If you would like a custom inlet for your engine then contact us on the below form or email