Engineering Design

At Gradient Engineering we are able to assist in taking your idea from a concept through to detailed design, and even arranging prototype production. We can produce full working drawings, specifications, datasheets, and calculations to validate the design. Our Engineering Design Services include;

  • Design Optimisation
  • Material selection
  • Design Calculations
  • Component selection
  • Prototype Creation
  • Design review
  • Vendor Reviews
  • Compliance with relevant standards

Product Development

Here at Gradient Engineering can help with the development of new or existing products from general refinement of a design to a full redesign and improvement.

We work with our clients to ensure that their product is the best design possible for the market, cost and operation for its target market. Ongoing development and innovation of products helps to keep the products image fresh and desirable, as well as utilising the latest developments in material sciences and manufacturing to reduce costs and improve performance. At Gradient Engineering we work with our clients to ensure that their products continue to lead the curve and offer their clients the best products available.

Engine Building

At Gradient Engineering we pride ourselves in constructing high performance engines for road, rally and race.

Our engines are built to the highest specification utilise the best components available to meet the customers budgetary and performance expectations.

We also undertake failure analysis on broken engines to determine the root course of the failure as often the initial most obvious symptom is not the root cause. Without undertaking a thorough failure analysis an engine can fail in similar ways time and time again, often it is an overlooked component that fails first setting off a chain reaction that creates far more obvious problems which wrongly get assumed as being the reason for the failure.

At Gradient Engineering we strive to identify the root cause early with a detailed, meticulous strip down of the engine cataloguing all the components and establishing the primary failure. This enables us during the rebuild to implement improvements or modifications to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis is a critical part of understanding why a product, assembly or system has failed. At Gradient Engineering we undertake detailed, meticulous investigations to determine the primary failure of the system.

Following the identification of the failure we can provide recommended solutions for preventing a similar failure from occurring again.

Project Management

We are also able to assist in generating prototypes and manufacture though our connections with fabricators and production companies.

  • Project timelines
  • Sub contractor lease on
  • Project cost control

So whether you just need a bit of help and guidance developing your idea or you need a team to progress your new idea to a fully fictional working prototype we can provide the help and support that you and your project needs to make it a success.