MG K-Series Individual Throttle Bodies – Direct to Head


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We are currently developing a set of Direct to Head throttle Bodies for the Rover / MG K-Series engine.  They will be made using our existing range of CNC machined throttle bodies mounted on a dedicated head flange that perfectly matches the engine.

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These throttle bodies have been developed for the Motorsport and modified car markets. The throttle body outlets are shaped to match the K-Series inlet port shape. The transition from throttle bore size to head port shape is gradual enough to ensure minimal disturbance of the airflow, but close enough to the head to maintain maximum airflow as close to the valves as possible. Whilst the inlet track is as straight and direct as possible to maximize airflow and speed into the combustion chamber.

The kit will be available in a range of throttle sizes including 40mm, 42mm & 45mm to suit different engine size and performance requirements.

Engine Size Recommended Throttle Size
1.4 40 mm
1.6 42 mm
1.8 45 mm


The kit will be supplied complete with;

  • 4 Billet Aluminium Throttle Bodies
  • Billet Aluminium Head Flange
  • Interconnecting linkages
  • Velocity Stacks / Trumpets
  • Fuel Rail
  • Mounting Hardware

These bodies feature;

  • Direct to head Mounting – removing the need for an intermediate manifold
  • Spaced to match the cylinder inlets – direct air feed with minimal direction changes.
  • Integrated Injector mounting
  • Adjustable throttle stops and linkage
  • Modular Design enables easy customisation, upgrades and allows them to be easily  transferable

Customizable options allow each set to be tailored to meet the requirements of each application.

Customisable / Optional features include;

  • Selection of Throttle Size
  • Take-offs for vacuum pipework
  • A Range of trumpet lengths to fine-tune the intake length

* These throttle bodies have been designed to fit the engine, not a car, it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that these items will fit within their engine bay.


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