Ford Zetec Turbo Inlet System

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Zetec Turbo Inlet Manifold and Plenum Chamber


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We have designed a billet inlet manifold for the Ford Zetec 1.8 & 2.0 engine. This inlet will work with both Zetec Turbo and Normally aspirated engines.

As a full bolt-on inlet for the Zetec engine, this manifold is ideal for those building turbo engines or those wanting more performance from a normally aspirated without the complexity of a full individual throttle body systems.

The manifold has pre-machined injector holes, accomodating the more common end feed injectors and therefore expanding the injector options available for a turbo build by removing the old side feed injectors that used in the standard Zetec inlet system.

The plenum has a flange ready to be drilled to accept your chosen throttle body.

The plenum can also be supplied with 4 additional injector locations for those wanting to run 8 injector setups.

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