7 Port Sensor Block


Billet Aluminium Sensor Block

  • 5 ports – threaded 3/8″ bsp
  • 2 Ports threaded 1/2″ bsp

Available in a range off colours

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7 Port Sensor block ideal for remote mounting of pressure sensors and take-offs on individual throttle body setups.

What are sensor blocks used for?

This sensor block will allow a number of different sensors and take-offs to be used at the same time.

The block can be used for both normally aspirated engines and forced induction systems as the sensor block piped directly to the inlet runners it will either be in vacuum or pressure depending on what the engine is doing at any given time.

Common take-offs that are used include brake servo vacuum, inlet pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, fuel pressure regulators etc. By using a multi-port sensor block it becomes possible to connect all the sensors and take-offs together in a neat package.

To ensure smooth reliable pressure without pulsations and fluctuations it is recommended that a small take-off is piped from all the inlet runners into the senior block. The lines can be connected together using tee pieces prior to the sensor block, or all pipes can be connected directly to the sensor block depending on the number of ports available.

Port Details

5 ports, threaded 3/8″ BSP – 1 on each end, 3 down one side

and 2 Ports threaded 1/2″ BSP – along 1 side

There are mounting holes located within the sensor block that allows it to be mounted to a bracket or other fixing plate.

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