Disappointing Weekend

It was as bitter sweet race weekend  at Donington Park on the 18-19th June. With planned upgrades installed and a successful test day at Mallory Park completed to eliminate some teething issues there where high hopes for the racing.

During the Saturday evening qualifying session a juddering under braking, developed limiting confidence during the braking phase and costing precious lap time meaning we would be starting from the back.

Race day arrived and with a new set of disc freshly installed the Fiesta was ready to go for race 1. After a good start making up a couple of places of the line and with no more brake judder confidence was high and the pace was good, with the new suspension set up work well, until a sudden lack of power forced an early retirement. Later examination revealed a cam follower had become loose therefore providing to much valve clearance reducing the valve opening, an easy fix and ready again for race 2.

Race 2 was to be broadcast on national television, Motors TV, which had the whole paddock excited for. During the formation lap rain spots started appears on the windscreen, at this point everyone must of been hoping it stopped quick as we where all on slick tyres. Off the line a couple of places where made up and a collision in front at the first corner help to gain another one only to be re-passed down crainer covers and battling back up the hill until again another engine issue limited power forcing yet another early bath.

Although not quite the weekend that we had hoped for, positive where taken away with the handling of the car and its performance when all was well.

After 7 years of hard use on the tracks the mainly reliable engine is starting to show signs of it usage following the latest problems. Therefore its time, possibly overdue, for a rebuild and a dramatic increase in power output hopefully propelling us further up the grid and in the heart of the race for the 2017.

– Paul Griffin

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