Virtual Racing thanks to Covid 19 Lockdown

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the forced lockdown has meant that all motorsport has been canceled in the UK and in many parts of the world.  The CNC heads championship which we race in has been no exception. To get our fix of motorsport action the championship competitors have organized an online virtual racing championship. The racing takes place using the Playstion 4 game Project Cars 2 which is very realistic for a Read more…

Installed CVH Roller Rocker arms

CVH Roller Rocker

After years of working on the design, finding manufactures and building a brand I’ve finally achieved my dream of making my own roller rockers for my race engine. I started looking for some roller rockers suitable for the CVH engine a few years ago after buying a Fiesta XR2i as a track toy. The 1.6 8 valve CVH engine is a good little unit, easy to work on and spares are generally readily available. After Read more…

CVH XR2i Head Setup

During our time racing we have had a few DNF’s due to a cam follower adjusting itself by allowing the bolt to be wound in, therefore we needed a remedy to stop this from happening again a costing us more race finished. The solution has been to install shim washers between the lock nut and the bolt head. This will stop the bolt from screwing in during running and ensuring that the valve clearances stay Read more…

CVH Follower shimmed for race engine

CVH Roller Rocker Arms – Update September 2018

We thought you might like a quick update on where we are with our CVH Roller Rocker Arms, well the design & development stage is nearing completion as we are currently in discussions with some of our manufacturing partners to finalise manufacturing details. The specification has been confirmed as; Direct replacements for original arms Billet Aluminium Anodised Rocker Arms Needle Roller Bearing Centre for low friction and high alignment accuracy Hardened steel Rollers with Bronze bushes to Read more…

Battery and Car

The end for the combustion Engined Vehicle

The UK government announced today that they wish to see an end to the sale of petrol and diesel powered vehicle in the UK by 2040. Whilst the principle of using electrically powered propulsion is a good one, it should not be viewed as that only one, there are other clean energy propulsion options being developed and some have a greater engineering advantage over the electric propulsion system, both for convenience and for the environment. Read more…

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